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Justin Finney


Justin est originaire de Lachine où sa famille a œuvré dans le courtage immobilier et les activités de gestion immobilière au Québec pour plus de 35 ans.Ayant une expérience de travail comme producteur et gestionnaire de films à Hollywood, Justin connaît bien le monde de la négociation et a acquis une réputation formidable auprès de ses clients et de ses collègues en tant que leader prospère axé sur les résultats.Au cours de sa carrière, Justin a toujours favorisé les concepts de « priorité client », de responsabilité et de travail d’équipe.Comme chaque client possède des objectifs et des besoins différents, Justin croit que ces concepts sont les éléments-clés pour représenter et guider chacun de ses clients avec intégrité et professionnalisme absolus au cours de toute transaction.Ancien membre de l’Équipe nationale canadienne de natation, Justin est également un adepte de cyclisme et de yoga. Il partage sa vie avec son épouse Wendy et leurs trois chats (Charlie, Harry et Jasper) à Saint-Lazare, Québec.

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Looking for the Professional, Accurate and Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent in Quebec? I can warmly recommend Justin Finney and Justin Finney Real Estate. I was looking for a property for long 18 month; I had to deal with 9 different agents. Some of them were even slightly rude, because ''the market is hot'' and there were "too many offers" on the table and ''too much work'' for the agent. With Justin Finney it was different. JUSTIN is different. He is the real PRO. All the transaction of the Sale and Purchase of the Property went effortlessly ( at least for me) and all dealings went smoothly, perfectly, no press. AMAZING Thank you Justin

Eva Stargazer

Justin Finney, Justin Finney Real Estate, is an outstanding realtor. He assisted us in selling an elderly friend's house in record time. He helped us navigate through several issues with great patience, confidence and humour. He has access to a vast array of resources and is very knowledgaable in their use. It was a pleasure working with him and we would highly recommend to anyone.

Guy Rimmer

I highly recommend Justin Finney to anyone who’s looking for a realtor. He possesses all the qualities one would look for when working with a real estate agent. He is unbelievably patient and will take the time to listen to you and will make sure any question or concern gets answered quickly and informatively. He is an out of the box thinker which allows him to think quickly and propose ideas and solutions that others may not. In addition to being a professional realtor he has a wealth of experience through his family business in investment and rental real estate. Whether you are looking for your forever home or a real estate investment he has a wealth of knowledge and will be able to guide you through his insight and deep understanding of Montreal and surrounding areas. It was a pleasure working with him and I am happy to refer him to anyone looking for a realtor who will really take the time to make sure his clients are completely satisfied and will go above and beyond to achieve this. If you are looking for a realtor for your next transaction I highly recommend Justin Finney and Justin Finney real estate.

Tracey Rehel

I would like to thank Justin Finney and Justin Finney real estate. His professional and real estate market knowledge helped us get the house we wanted at a great price. He kept constant communication throughout the entire process which made us feel at complete ease. Justin likes to make the process fun while still keeping it professional. If you are looking to either buy or sell, contact him directly and I assure you will not be disappointed.

David Church

Working with Justin Finney to find a home, purchase it and to sell our own home has been a great and unforgettable experience. He has a great approach at finding a home for every buyer and seller he comes across, and a great personality to match. Skilled negotiator and people person. He worked hard on our sale and purchase, was up late sending us information and up early getting the ball rolling for us. My husband and I recommend him to anyone looking for an authentic broker who will represent their best interest, any budget, any neighbourhood.

Andrea Stans

My wife and I had the most exceptional service with our agent Justin Finney. An absolute gem in the business. Would move mountains for us before, during, and after the purchase of our first home. Highly recommend

Dan Jensenn

We worked with Justin and had a great experience. The process was easy. Justin was super informative. I would 100% recommend working with him.


Ce fut un plaisir de faire affaire avec Justin Finney! Service remarquablement professionnel. Le lien de confiance s’établit rapidement et facilement! Je vous recommande Justin les yeux fermés pour la vente et/ou l’achat de votre propriété! Merci encore!

Bobby Thivierge

Justin Finney was referred to me by a friend and he did not disappoint. It was a super quick transaction, but Justin made it happen. He was thorough, efficient and had all the answers at the ready.

Lisa Lee

Justin was a huge help in the process of getting our condos leased efficiently. Very compatible and so easy to work with, if you’re looking to make your life easy and get things done with anything real estate related, contact this man ASAP! Thanks Again, Anthony

Anthony Mansi