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Thanh Nguyen

Née dans une famille d’entrepreneurs, Thanh a développé un esprit d’affaires fruit d’un savoir générationnel qui, dès le plus jeune âge, l’a mise sur le chemin de la réussite aussi bien en investissements financiers qu’immobiliers. Associée à ses connaissances financières et son réseau immobilier, son intuition pour évaluer et mettre à profit les bonnes affaires éventuelles en font le choix évident pour les acheteurs, vendeurs et investisseurs. Elle se nourrit de perfection et de créativité, aime travailler en équipe et fournit toujours des solutions positives qui généreront de la croissance. Thanh est passionnée et minutieuse, elle travaille avec excellence sous pression, et ce avec confiance, intégrité et professionnalisme. Son engagement à fournir des services exceptionnels à ses clients et sa capacité à s’adapter à leurs besoins et à les satisfaire est sans limites.


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Thanh Nguyen made buying a house such a breeze! I was new to home buying, and have heard horror stories from friends and family about terrible agents. Thanh was professional and personal! She never made me feel uncomfortable and helped me every step of the way! She explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. This made it really easy to move into my duplex in less than 3 months. Would totally recommend.


My boyfriend & I had the absolute best experience with one of the brokers at M Immobilier, Mrs. Thanh Nguyen. I reached out to her in the fall looking for a place for March. She suggested I reach back out in January, and kept in touch with me in the meantime. In January, we had a call and went over what we were looking for, our budget and ideal location. Within 24 hours, Thanh had 6-8 units for us to see. We saw the units on a Friday, and we had a signed lease by Monday. Thanh was even able to help us secure a new build, even though we had just gotten a puppy! Thanh was fantastic to deal with and really went above and beyond. I have already recommended her to everyone I know, and I definitely will be working with her again in the future!

Kelsey Brunette

Great service! If you're looking for an investment property, Thanh Nguyen is the right person

Dinh Tuan Tai

Thanh and Michelle has followed us for the whole process of buying a condo. They were professional and available when required, and it was a pleasure to have them by our side. You can trust them, and we will work with them again in the future for sure!

Mad D

Thanh is really nice and sweet, she showed us houses that were tailored to our needs and preferences. She's also a great negotiator when the time comes, she isn't afraid to ask what her clients are searching for in a home I highly recommend ask Thanh to represent you for your next home search

Teiotsistokwahte McComber

We found Thanh Nguyen online, while looking for places to rent in Montreal, as we would be transferring out of Calgary for work. She was able to give us helpful advice and guide us through this stressful process. Thanh was also flexible in accommodating our hectic schedule and did not give up on finding our family a place to live. She was able fit us in on viewings with short notice by working her magic as she was considerate that we would be flying in all the way from Calgary. We appreciate what Thanh has done for us and would not hesitate to recommend her services as well as utilize her services for our next purchase of a home.

Alain Siriphokham

If you're looking for income property. Thanh Nguyen is the right person for it. She's very professional and knowledgeable. Working with Thanh was a pleasure. She helped me acquire my second income property and made the experience as simple and straightforward as possible. She always very easy to contact and it is very apparent that she wants the best for her clients. I highly recommend her services for anyone in need of a real estate broker, she will not disappoint!

Dinh Tuan Tai

Thanh was very professional and helpful during all the buying process, helping us in the search and negotiation processes (which was not easy with the seller's broker), we do recommend her a lot.

Vincent Bories

Thanh helped me and my family buy a new home in the South Shore West region. She always showed us homes we wanted to see and steered us away from homes that weren't worth pursuing. Thanh is a great negotiator as well as really friendly, punctual, and professional. I highly recommend using her as a representative for your next home purchase

Teiotsistokwahte McComber

Thanh Nguyen did an excellent job finding us a house that fits our lifestyle needs and she also helped us negotiate a better price! She's been very helpful throughout the entire process and has shown us all the houses we wanted to see. She even know a lot about what to look for in terms of potential problems that might come up in a home inspection!

Sylvain Cossette